I sincerely believe that Genesus Construction Training Center (GCTC) is an excellent example of a quality construction company with a track record of more than 10 years of construction contracts and programs, that works with the residents of public housing and the PHA’s to produce certified and qualified workers for today’s construction market place.

Reginald H. Bowman

President, Brooklyn East District Council of Presidents


To date we have 48 Skill Build graduates trained in 3 cohorts by Genesus and 23 of those are currently working.

Larry Rothchild

Director of Workforce Development, St. Nicks Alliance Workforce Development


GCTC has successfully trained 2,500 of our participants, 700 of our trainees were placed on construction jobs with NYCHA and other businesses that we established partnerships with.

Charlene Nimmons

Executive Director, Public Housing Communities, Inc.


“My life has changed drastically since I started taking courses with GCTC. I’ve met mentors that also became family. I’ve met classmates that I’ve watched change through the advice they’ve received from our mentors. So far I’ve learned how to build 10x10 shed that has basic electrical, carpentry, masonry, and plumbing work that I’ve learned through GCTC’s core curriculum course.”

Megan Douglas

Carpenters union apprenticeship program


“Great news, I'm now officially in the Carpenter's Union member apprenticeship program for 4 years! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. Give my love to everyone on staff and all the best. You are the best opportunity that ever came through that motivated me to do better with my life. I am glad I met you all. I am so grateful and thankful.”


Carpenters union apprenticeship program

Current Student

“I’m from Hempstead NY where I attend Genesus Construction Training Center. I am being educated with the knowledge of plumbing and masonry. Being able to have a special relationship with the instructors and inspiring us about the business part in the real world is one of the best things that I’ve experienced in this program.”

Kemar Hazel

Successful delivery

“My first week at work and I want to say thank you very much for caring about us. I will make Genesus proud and follow my education in the construction field. You guys are very inspiring to me.”