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Genesus Construction Training Center, Inc. is a program established by Community Leaders, Business Owners, and Professionals of the Construction Industry. The program was created to the unskilled members of the low income community (including NYCHA residents) on the path of self-sufficiency, by training them in a skill or trade of their choice.

Our training is delivered by Genesus One Enterprise, Inc., a general contracting construction company, using the standardized training curriculum of the National Center for Construction Education and Research (a U.S. Department of Labor approved training curriculum) to deliver classroom instruction and performance training and testing. When partnered with employment opportunities made available through HOD’s Section 3 regulation, it fulfills the requirements of approved Apprenticeship Training.

The construction officials of GCTC have been providing apprenticeship training through their Construction Company for over 14 years. As General Contractors since 1999 their focus has always been on the unskilled members of low income communities. In 2008 they began providing OSHA 10 training in Westchester County at the bequest of community leaders. In two years they certified over 1,200 in OSHA 10, OSHA 30, Scaffolding and other Safety Training classes. In 2010, they began providing OSHA training and mentoring at the bequest of Resident Leaders ofNYCHA. To date, they have certified over 2,000 Trainees in classes held in the NYCHA Housing Authority Family Investment Centers in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. These certifications and mentoring have led to numerous employment opportunities and business ownership initiatives.

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GCTC will deliver classroom and performance training of construction crafts, trades and professions to NYCHA residents using our Training Provider (GOE) and their representative (Master Trainer). The training will be delivered from Training Units (NYCHA Family Investment Centers) which are monitored by Training Unit Representatives (Resident Leaders). The Craft Instructors deliver classroom and performance training to traineeslNYCHA residents). The Trainees then begin their 3, 4, or 5 year training/apprenticeship to completion .. As the program provides the trainees with classroom instruction along with their required performance training through employment, the program meets the requirements of an US Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship Program. Upon completion, the trainees become qualified tradesmen for employment and entrepreneurship, meeting the Section 3 goal of Self Sufficiency.